Is your computer running much slower than it used to?

What ARE all those running programs, anyway?

Are you paying for antivirus software?

Is your firewall turned on and running?

Do you have a router to prevent hackers?

Can you add surround sound to your present TV?

If you get rid of cable, will you have any channels? If so,
will they all be HD?

Will your current VCR or DVD player work with a new

Does your TV cut off the picture on the top and bottom?

If you hear a sound outside, can you press a button on
your remote and see what's out there... then press
again and go back to your show?

Are you paying $50/month to a company so that one day they
can call you and tell you your home has just been burgarized?

Can you take out your smartphone and check on your home...
from anywhere in the world?

Do you want to be able to keep an eye on your pet (or family)
while out shopping, or at work?

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