These new TVs can be complicated. So many
buttons, so many inputs...

Can you even use your old VCR with a new TV?

Or, how come you plugged it in but can't get a
picture? What's wrong?

You're spending alot on your cable bill, but the
picture doesn't look that great.

Or, the picture looks fine, but it's supposed to be
surround-sound... and it's not. What's wrong?

Do you live alone and would love to be able to
see what's outside... while watching TV? If you
hear a noise, wouldn't it be great to press a few
buttons and see what's out there... then press
again and go back to your show?

Is your old clunker ready to retire, and you're
thinking of getting a new TV... but have no idea
what to look for? Is a plasma better for you, or
an LCD, or an LED LCD, or an edge-lit backlit
LCD... what's the difference?

If you have questions about any of the above...

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