My qualifications? I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems
Engineer, an A+ Certified computer technician, and just
as important: I speak newbie.

If your computer is doing strange things, or it's really
slow, or it's fine but your internet is really slow, or
you'd like to be able to use your laptop in another
room (or outside) but you'd like it to be secure...

... or you just got a renewal notice on your $49/year
anti-virus and you're tired of paying that...

Or your computer is so old you just want to buy a new
one, but you don't know what to buy and you'll need
your old files to be moved to your new machine...

I can help.
In one afternoon (or morning) we can
usually fix all the problems. If you need
parts, I'll show you where to buy them...
cheap. (No markups!) If you need a new
computer, I'll help you with that choice.

I can teach you how to do things easier,
and can teach you how to keep your
computer running smoothly. As I mentioned
(c) 2015 Scottsdale Geeks
Help with any of the above? Only $99. Contact me today!